Mt. Balagbag – Maranat Dayhike

May 24, 2015

777+ MASL (Mt Balagbag) and 811 MASL (Mt Maranat)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 1-2 hours (from jump off to Mt Balagbag)/ 2-2.5 hours (Mt Balagbag to Mt Maranat summit)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9,
Trail class 1-2.

One Sunday morning, Ricky and I thought of climbing Mt. Balagbag and traversing Mt. Maranat for a new adventure. I already visited this mountain twice and this was my third time.

This time I was able to traverse to Mt. Maranat when before I just took the Mt. Balagbag dayhike. One of my visits, I spent my birthday on this mountain.

I was not able to share with you guys our experience previously but this time here it goes.

We normally went for a hike with just the two of us. We enjoyed each other’s company as always. But there were times that we’re already bored with each other. Hahaha! Sometimes, we invited some friends to let them join us and experience our way of hike.

We came from San Mateo Rizal and rode a tricycle and jeepney going to Commonwealth Avenue. It was 5am when we went out. We got off to St. Peter’s Church and crossed the road to the other side using Foot Bridge.

We were waiting for a jeepney or bus that had a signage of Tungko and after 5-10 minutes we finally found a jeepney. We spent almost two hour-travel time going to Tungko. We paid P40 per person for our fare. There’s a Jollibee at Tungko and we took a pee for a moment before taking another jeepney going to Licao Licao. We’re not hungry that time as we took our breakfast and brought something to eat like packed lunch before we headed our way out. We decided to continue by going to the jeepney terminal with Licao Licao signage. As we took the ride, we paid P35 as one-way fare. We then arrived at the unloading terminal in Licao-Licao. We prepped up ourselves and started trekking to the jump-off area.

We registered our names at the barangay and we paid P10. It was like 30-45 minutes of walking depending on the pace.

At first, the trail was somehow easy and relatively flat.

It felt like it’s my first time climbing this mountain again.

We encountered villages and locals on our way as we greeted them “Good day”. We even saw chapels in which were very pleasant for us.

The heat of the sun was somewhat welcoming, you would feel like wanting to drink so much water and we did it too. Make sure that you bring plenty of water to hydrate your body.

After probably like 45minutes, we reached Mt. Balagbag summit.

The view was stunning and made us in awe. We enjoyed the view and took so many pictures and videos.

Suddenly, there were some trail bikers and 4×4 ATV riders whom we encountered. What made us interesting was that ATV. Riders parked it at the summit. We asked one of the riders if we could take some photos and they agreed to it. Ricky and I took some photos with those ATV and they were really amazing.

We then headed back to the trail. I didn’t know how to go to Mt. Maranat coz I’ve never been there. I decided not to have a guide since the trail was not that challenging. But I’m wrong. I was under the impression that you could just follow it and you would not be lost. We followed the trail. We encountered trail runners who were running the way opposite to us. There was no way for us to follow them to Mt. Maranat. We still continued to walk. Until we met group of hikers who were going the same way as ours. These people were from JIL “Jesus is Lord” religious group.

They decided to have a day hike as well. One of them knew the way so Ricky and I asked them if we counld join their group on the trail since we didn’t know how to get to Mt. Maranat. They agreed.

After almost 2 hours of walking and crossing river, we reached Mt. Maranat, finally.

We’re glad! Of course, we dip in the river water to relax and calm our stressed bodies.

We were just happy at the moment. We took pictures again and had some rest under the tree.

We also ate our lunch afterwards.

Btw, we met Ka Nestor, the well-known person in Mt. Maranat by the mountaineering community. I heard so many things about him and I’m glad I finally got to meet him.

We decided to go back to the trail to descent with the JIL group.

We took an unfamilliar trail at this moment and it was long and very pleasant journey.

We were back at the barangay hall by 4:30PM. We immediately washed up because we needed to be in the terminal before 6pm. It’s the last trip back to Tungko terminal. Subsequently, Ricky and I bid goodbye to the JIL group and hoping that we would meet again. We thanked them so much for the hospitality and for their help.

We then walked back to the Licao-Licao terminal and the sun set so perfect. Lovely sun set indeed.

I remembered, good thing also there was that empty jeepney and still waiting for commuters when we arrived.

We arrived home.

I would always treasure this trip with my special someone Ricky. You’re always special to me. I am looking forward to more trips and journeys with you in the future. ♥♥♥


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