About Dee

Hello. Welcome to my Blog everyone.

This blog is intended for me to write and share my experiences in terms of RUNNING whether it’s a trail or road, MOUNTAIN CLIMBING, TRAVELS whether it’s in or out of the country and some unforgettable EVENTS involving to Sports, Adventures and Leisure. I just started this blog when I came to realize that pictures would not be enough for me to share experiences. Details and stories behind these experiences are worth sharing too. Moreover, I believe that this significant information would also help others especially those beginners that could serve these as a guide for them to start their journey and build their self-confidence. I would also love to hear your unforgettable moments by sharing your links and comments.

I am Diana Bacarisas, a marathoner, trail runner, mountaineer, blogger and an entrepreneur, its deetrailove. Enjoy reading folks. Have a good one. Ta!