40th Milo Marathon Manila Leg

July 31, 2016

Congratulations to all the participants and finishers of the 40th Milo Marathon Manila Leg held on July 31st of 2016 in SM Mall of Asia grounds, in which the country’s most prestigious running event. This was my first time joining the Milo event with time pressure. I joined before but under 5k category.


I participated with so many races already and I’ve been dreaming to be part of Milo Marathon. The feeling was like very gratifying when you reached the cut-off time otherwise you would not be getting the medal.

My preparation prior to the race was not very consistent due to the time constraints. I just had a training every other day and I could say that it was not like a formal training. I just ran for the sake of not incurring any serious injuries. I registered to 21k with the target time of 2 hours and 30 minutes (2:30).

Please see race categories and race maps below:









During the race, I could feel the excitement and even the excitement of every person in the race. I was so nervous as well and I’m praying my hardest, hoping that I could get the medal that I’m dreaming of. I could really sense the perseverance of everyone.

While I was running, I met friends on the road, running coaches and by the way Rick (my SO) was also ran under 42K category. He got his medal as well. It was huge.

Fortunately, I was able to make it. I got the 21K medal too. I was so happy. I am so proud of myself.

Thanks to God and to Rick who always pushed me to my limits to be the best.

Next goal would be 42K for the next season of Milo Marathon.

Kudos to all finishers. God speed!

Photo credits: The Owner, Omplongz dela Paz