7-11 Run Year 2017

February 5, 2017

It was my first time joining 7-11 Run series. I was already hearing positive feedback for this event. This year, I decided to join and register. I encouraged my S.O. to register the buddy run, 10km-run.


Please see registration details and categories below for additional info:

Skyway, Filinvest City Alabang


Registration Fees:

42K – P1500
21K – P1000
16K – P800
10K – P700
10K Buddy – P1000
5K – P600
3K – P500
500m – P400

Registration Venue:

  1. Online Via – http://run711.com

Go to REGISTER tab – Choose your Wave – Enter you Registration Details – Click “I have a promo code” tab – Enter the 7-Connect Reference Number – Choose what store you want to pick up the race kit – After the registration, you will be receiving an email containing your Registration details and race kit claiming date – Race kit claiming will be in the store nominated by the customer upon registration

Singlet Design:


Race Routes:


I was very excited aside from the fact that joining this 7-11 race this year was my first time and running the Skyway was also my first time.

We arrived at the venue 45-minute early. 

Rick and I decided to visit some of the booths available. We were thinking that we might get something out prior to the race. We didn’t make a mistake. We got refreshments already and took pictures at Del Monte photo booth. I was really overwhelmed and almost forgot that we would still be running 10 km. So we hurriedly went to the baggage area and left our things. We immediately headed to the starting line because it was our turn already.

I had a great feeling while running on the Skyway. I am not sure if the air that I breathed was fresh. 

But it was better than the air in MOA. Skyway had a long stretch of downhill and uphill. My lungs were really challenged and of course my legs as well. There were so many runners joined. 

Probably they heard the positive feedback too and some maybe were used to be part of this event previously. It was really nice seeing some friends too.

We finished the 10km run by one hour and 12 minutes. This was according to our GPS watch, unofficial.

We immediately went to the baggage area and got our bags. Then we fell in line to the race kit claiming area. Again, both areas had too many people. We took time getting our stuffs and finisher’s kit. However, Rick & I were not affected at all. We were too happy for the loots that we got. They were really a lot.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the 7-11 race event and to 7-11 people behind. 

Aside from the fact that we enjoyed running this race, we ultimately enjoyed as well the stuffs that they gave us.

Congratulations to all finishers and podium finishers. 

‘Til next year.

Photo credits: 7-11 Run Series, The Owners, Rick dela Paz