Mt. Cayabu (420m) & Mt. Maynoba (728m) + 8 Waterfalls with Pililla Windmills Sidetrip

March 5, 2017

We thought of climbing this mountain and finalized the planning stage. I considered this event as my early birthday climb. We then invited some common friends and colleagues to join us.

We all met at McDonalds Cubao beside Kia Theater.

We arrived very early on a Sunday morning, roughly by 3:30am of March 5, 2017 at Mar-ning’s Farm.

The way going to the town of San Antonio was very rough. We passed by the jump-off area of Mt. Batolusong, the Brgy Hall of Cayabu and Cayabu Elementary School.

We registered our names and secured guides.

We were introduced to our guides. They initiated brief orientation about the activity and informed us of the rules that needed to follow.

They even offered prayer for our safe ascend. Glad we met these guides.

                                                                   Moises, Cesar, Michael & Bing

They were very helpful, cheerful and we learned so many things from them about their town and the mountain.

We started our trek by 3:57am. We were overwhelmed by the assault of this mountain. It was not a walk in the park type of trek. It was not easy. It had a knee-trembling uphill climb in most part of the trail. The trail was newly-made and I could say that Maynoba circuit had very organized trail compared to other Rizal trails.

We reached Mt. Cayabu in approximately one hour. Our guide said, Cayabu derived from a person’s name who made this trail. His name was Ka Ambo. When he passed away, locals called the peak as Mt. Cayabu. It happened like 2 or 3 years ago as per Moises (guide). He also added that March 12, 2017 would be the 2nd anniversary of the mountain from the day they started opening the mountain to the public.

It was still dark when we arrived at the summit.

I was really amazed by the group that I belong. These people had a very good stamina. I was stunned by their speed. I didn’t even hear any complain from most of them. I presumed that they enjoyed the hike. I even enjoyed it so much.

After the mandatory picture at the Cayabu peak, we immediately headed to Mt. Maynoba to at least witness the sea of clouds.

Along our way, we were looking at the sky to check if it’s clear hoping that we would be able to watch the famous sea of clouds. But the wind was very noticeable. Apparently, we didn’t achieve it.

The sun was starting to welcome us.

We visibly saw things around us. We took picture every time there’s a chance and a good view for Instagram.

We reached Camp 1 and took group picture.

As we headed to Mt. Maynoba summit, the trail was somehow steep and muddy due to the fact that it rained the day before our day hike. Grasses were a little bit sharp and even taller than us.

I loved how this mountain was created by our Father. Grassland, plants and small fresh flowers were lovely.

We even saw big ants, bigger that the usual ants in the city. I loved this huge Balete Tree (if I’m correct) and the bamboo trees.

You would appreciate the view of Rizal mountains too like Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Irid and Mt. Tukduang Banoi.

At last, we were able to overcome the challenge.

At Mt. Maynoba peak.

Brownie with his paracord necklace.

We then finished not just one mountain, its two, Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba twin day hike.

We started to chase waterfalls of Cayabu and let ourselves relax. They were 8 fabulous waterfalls.

                                                                             Natatagong Paraiso Falls

                                                                      Katmon Falls 

                                                                                                   Gintuan Falls 

                                                                                             Gugulong na Bato Falls 

                                                                                              Lantay Falls 

                                                                                                Pantay Falls 

                                                                                         Mangganiso Falls 

                                                                                      Maynoba Falls 

Between each of the waterfalls, you would encounter a trail wherein you needed to do rapelling.

We were a little bit tired, here’s one of our take 5’s.

We started to descend. The trail going down for me was somehow beginner-friendly.

We were back at the jump off by 11:50am. The monkey was congratulating us.

I talked to a guide named Bing after we washed up and gave her my used items but these things were still in good condition. I told her to give these stuffs to children and other guides as well.

We then headed to Pililla Windmills in Pililla Rizal at 2:30pm. I am under the impression that it was somehow near from our area. I was totally wrong. It was approximately 21km from Cayabu Elementary School. We spent one hour to get there.

We saw the Windmill viewpoint. We’re glad to see all windmills. They were huge and of course we took our mandatory picture.

I gave them bagtag as a souvenir.

I shared these stuffs that can still be used by the locals.

We then went home.

deetrailove notes:

  • Private Transportation

From Cubao (Araneta), take Aurora Blvd. East Bound and continue straight to Marcos Highway. You will pass by Sta. Lucia Grand Mall, Masinag, and Cogeo. After Cogeo, you will enter the Upper Marikina Basin Protected Landscape and pass by the zigzag road.

You will also pass by Palo Alto and Garden Cottages. Then, a few meters from Kilometer Post 51, take note of the Welcome Arch of Barangay San Andres which is on the other side of the left side of the road (or if you have been to Mount Batolusong, it is actually the same road). Locals call it as Batangasan or Batangas.

Follow the road that will lead you to Brgy. San Andres. The road is a mix of concrete to rough. After Brgy. San Andres comes Brgy. Sto. Niño. Once you see forking in the road, take the left side. A few more meters and you will reach Brgy. Cayabu. Go pass the Cayabu Elementary School and the Cayabu Barangay Hall until you reach Mar-ning’s Farm and Resort which is the jump off area.

  • Public Transportation

From Cubao, ride an FX (or a jeepney) to Cogeo Gate 2 Antipolo (Php 35). Once in Cogeo, locate the jeepney terminal and ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc/Tanay. Inform the driver to drop you off at Batangasan/Batangas. (1 hour travel time). Several tricycle and habal-habal can take you to Mar-ning’s Farm and Resort in Barangay Cayabu. (30 minutes travel time). You can ask the habal-habal/tricycle driver to fetch you in the afternoon at Mar-ning’s and will bring you back to Batangasan. Wait for a jeepney bound for Cogeo Gate 2. It is said that jeepneys usually pass by Batangas until 7pm. Once in Cogeo, ride your way to Cubao via FX or jeepney. (Pinoymountaineer)

  • The guide fee is priced at P500/5 pax for a day hike and P1,250/5 pax for an overnight hike.
  • The registration fee is at P20.00 for a regular hike and P40.00 for a traverse.
  • Wash up fee is P20
  • Actual Itinerary

01:00am Meet and greet at Farmer’s Cubao
01:30am ETD at Cubao
03:00am ETA at Brgy Cayabu, Tanay Rizal Breakfast; Secure guides & Registration
04:00am Start trek to Mt. Cayabu
05:00am Arrival at Mt. Cayabu summit/Rest/Photo Ops
05:30am Start trek to Mt. Maynoba
07:00am Stopover to Peak
08:30am Arrival at Mt. Maynoba summit
09:00am Start descent/To 8 Wonder falls/ swimming
10:00am 8 Wonder falls
11:50nn Arrived at the jump off area
12:00nn Lunch/wash up/Shower/Swim
02:30pm Pililla Windmills
05:00pm ETD going to Cubao

Thank you so much to the following people who joined and helped us conquer these mountain peaks.

  • Ralph
  • Sheina
  • Riya
  • Erickson
  • Meneleous
  • Joseph
  • Jo Aldrin
  • Sherry
  • Hayner
  • Lalainne
  • Roni
  • Marc
  • Arra
  • Oliver
  • Jhun Mark
  • Kristinne
  • Paul
  • Tin
  • Red

Photos credit to the owners.