Mt. Sa Pari + Mt.Binutasan + Maysawa Falls

August 7, 2016

Major jump off: Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day 2-4hrs
Mt. Sapari 591masl; Mt. Binutasan 562masl
Specs: Minor climb, difficulty 2/9
Features: scenic views, sea of clouds

Mt. Sa Pari and Mt. Binutasan are two neighbor mountains comprising the so-called Maysawa Circuit. While both are nestled in the far-off barangay of Maysawa, Tanay, Rizal, their registration area is located at Brgy. Cuyambay which is roughly a 5-minute habal habal ride away from the jump-off. Dubbed a minor hike, Mt. Sa Pari stands a few meters taller than Mt. Binutasan with an elevation of 591 MASL and 562 MASL, respectively. These two mountains have rapidly gained some attention for their sea of clouds success rate, similar to that of the Mt. Maynoba’s.

I organized this event as I tried to let my co-workers share my kind of hobby to them. We knew as an adventure seeker that this kind of experience brought us an extraordinary fulfillment. The target number of persons didn’t meet few days prior to the event day after I sent an invitational email to all of my colleagues. In line with this, I asked help to one of my friends Sky Chan to invite some of her co-workers to join us. Finally, thanks to her because we were completed. We (with Rick – my S.O.) also invited Sir Ed Borromeo and Dennis Bacarisas to join.

We all met at Jollibee in Cubao Farmers. One thing though, it rained when we departed.

We then arrived at the jump off area in Brgy. Cuyambay. It was still raining. I let them wear their raincoats.

As I noticed, there were still a lot of hikers visiting the area. We registered at the Brgy. and paid P30 per head as a registration fee.

We secured guide afterwards and the fee was like P500 for every 5 persons. Our guides on the image below.

We arrived at the sari-sari store few meters away from the jump off area and I let them drink coffee as their breakfast. Afterwards, we started our trek. We didn’t think taking a Habal-habal at that moment and continue to walk despite of rain showers and muddy trail.

At the middle of the trek going to Mt. Sa Pari, one of the participants was challenged with the muddy trail. She was using beach sandals. I let her use my footwear intended for trekking and I used her beach sandals. I was also challenged using her footwear so I decided to walk barefoot. It was more difficult but thank God I survived this kind of experience and that person was safe.

As we continued our trek to Mt. Sa Pari, the guide told us to not stay too long at Mt. Sa Pari so that we can enjoy the view at Mt. Binutasan and witness their own version of Sea of Clouds. We were somehow hopeless that time because it’s late in the morning and obviously we were not able to witness that anymore.


Mt. Sa Pari got its name from the priest who chose to live there his entire life. As we made our way in the long trail of Mt. Sa Pari, according to our guide, the story behind the exploration of the circuit and its neighbor, Mt. Paliparan, when the issue concerning false claim of land ownership in Masungi has started. The local tribe of Dumagats got upset, urging them to seek other gems in their place which they could promote to tourists and also which could support their local community in terms of generating income. Our guide and the locals believed in the potential of the mountains surrounding their place. Hence, the birth of Mt. Paliparan and Maysawa Circuit.


Mt. Binutasan (from the word “binutas” which means “to make a hole”) was once a virgin mountain not open to the public but because of the project wherein they needed to link this area to another barangay, a path had been made.

This mountain was my favorite among the two. It had a long stretch of grassland in which every hiker could definitely enjoy the beautiful view of this mountain. We met several hikers along our way.

One concern though, please be extra careful going down for the trail was very steep and slippery.

Before heading back to the jump off, we went first to the Maysawa Falls. This was the best place to cool down and freshen up after a long twin day hike.

We continued to go down to the jump off. Few kilometers before the jump off area, there were habal-habal waiting for us. It was amounted to P40 per head.

We then arrived to the jump off area and we washed up.

After a few minutes, we headed back to Manila (Cubao).

Important Details:

  1. The registration fee is at P30.00.
  2. The guide fee is priced at P500/5 pax for a day hike and P1,250/5 pax for an overnight hike.
  3. The first jeepney trip to Brgy. Cuyambay departs at around 5:00-5:30 A.M. Thus, if you wish to witness the sea of clouds, consider hiring a van so you can get there earlier.
  4. The last jeepney trip going back to Cogeo is at 6:30 P.M.
  5. The registration area for the circuit is located at Barangay Cuyambay. It is a 5-minute habal habal ride away from Brgy. Maysawa.
  6. There is a water source along the initial part of the trail.
  7. Shower fee is P20.
  8. Habal habal fare to jump-off – P40.00/pax

12:00mn – 01:00am Meet up Jollibee Farmers Cubao
01:00am – 02:30am  Cubao to Brgy. Cuyambay
02:30am – 03:00am Jump off/registration/guide/briefing
03:00am – 04:00am  Jump off to junction
04:00am – 04:30am  Junction to summit (Mt. Sapari)
04:30am – 06:30am Waiting of sea of clouds (taking photos)
06:30am – 07:15am Summit descend to rest area
07:15am – 07:30am Breakfast
07:30am – 07:45am Rest area to peak 1
07:45am – 08:30am Peak 1 to Binayuyo Peak
08:30am – 09:00am  Binayuyo Peak to Enzo’s Peak
09:00am – 09:20am Enzo’s Peak to Summit
09:20am – 11:30am Summit to Maysawa Falls
11:30am – 02:00pm Lunch and swimming time
02:00pm – 06:00pm  Log out/back to Cubao

Photo credits: Omplongz dela Paz, Dennis Bacarisas, Tats Vi