Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge

March 20, 2016

Never did I imagine that I would be joining the Pinoy Fitness 10k Challenge. I was just only dreaming of this for I am not confident enough if I could make 10k in an hour. I just supported and watched my friends who joined this event before. On this event, finally I made a decision to participate and accepted the challenge. I registered on the event with the registration details as mentioned below.


Race maps, medal, shirt and singlet as shown below.



At the starting line, I was praying so hard hoping that I could make it in one hour so that I could have a medal. I was hoping also not to incur injuries on this race.

I was having a mixed emotions that very moment. I was feeling nervous, happy and excited. I believed that everyone was feeling the same way too.

During the race, you could feel the eagernes, adrenalin and  competition within ourselves. Everybody was aiming for that medal. I treated the medal as a diamond.

We met some friends and known coaches along the race. By the way, we also met Sir Jeff (the founder) of Pinoy Fitness after the race.

I always checked on my watch if I still have a time. I was hopeless when I heard someone said that it was passed an hour already. Surprisingly, when we turned left going to the finish line, almost near, I somehow visibly saw the time. It was few seconds already before the 60th minute. I immediately made myself do the sprint. Finally, I made it!!!!!!

I was so happy and proud of myself. The feeling was incredible. 

The experience was perfect and this would be definitely worth sharing. Having this medal was really a very special birthday gift for myself. (^__^)

Congratulations to all finishers and to those who exceeded themselves, like me, i mean us with my love (Rick). \m/

Photo credits
: Pinoy Fitness, Omplongz dela Paz