UNICEF’s Heroes For Children Run 2016

September 4, 2016

United Health Group participated in UNICEF’s annual Heroes For Children Run last September 4 at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City, Philippines. Heroes For Children is a benefit run that seeks to raise funds for UNICEF’s First 1,000 Days campaign for children’s health.


With over 7,000 attendees, the event raised funds in thwarting malnutrition in selected poverty areas in the Philippines through feeding programs, mother and child care, and preventive treatments.

As per Sweet Templa who is a UCARE core team officer and volunteer, “UHG Philippines employees live up to our company’s commitment towards health. It’s not just about waking up early to run and participate in an event, this is about being heroes, for an advocacy they are genuinely passionate about.*


When UCARE Team sent an invitation for this event, I immediately registered to it. I knew for the fact that this event was costly. We, employees of United Health Group, were very fortunate to be part of the event. The good things as well, registration fees were discounted because UHG was responsible for the difference on the amount.

I also shared this opportunity to my colleagues who always neglected to read emails like this.

Please see details below for the race categories:




Race Maps:





The experience was great. I didn’t pay that much but for me I know I was able to help to less fortunate human beings. During pre-race, we were instructed to visit the UHG Tent at the venue to get refreshments and freebies. They gave us 1 bottle of Gatorade, 1 UHG Visor and water after we showed them the Waiver Form and signed the log sheet.

During the race, it was very fulfilling. You see a lot of runners that composed of individual runners, families, podium runners and even kids. I even saw disabled runners and even kids.


It was really surprising that even kids with disabilities, they were able to share their part for the sake of helping others. You would see the smile on their faces when they crossed the finish line. Really inspiring, indeed.


Moreover, there were so many artists who joined the race. This event became more exciting because of them.



I finished the race for 2 hours 42 minutes. I was actually aiming for 2:30 but it was very difficult. I had no training at all. My feet still loved to run. As we crossed the finish line, we took our pictures and selfies.

We got our loot bags, Finisher’s Medal and Shirt. Whenever I finished a race, it was really fulfilling.

We tried to visit all sponsor’s booths but our feet were aching already. So we decided to rest for the mean time. Afterwards, we visited again the UHG booth. They gave us post-race meal, bag of groceries, and so many more. It was really nice, UCARE team was very accommodating. I mean their project was perfect.

UNICEF’s Heroes For Children Run 2016 was one of the best events that I joined.


Photo credits: The owner, Omplongz dela Paz

*Based on the publication issued by UCARE.