Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

August 11 – 14, 2017

Ricky and I were on the process on planning our wedding and one of the preparations was thinking of where to celebrate our post nuptial. After we celebrated my birthday on March 2017, I went ahead and asked for help to my future sister-in-law, Sky, to think of some place to stay after our wedding. She suggested going to Boracay Island instead. I immediately agreed to it and looked for a flight since going to this place was one of my dream destinations. It was a good thing as well because Ricky was dreaming of going to this beautiful Island too.

The long wait was over. Few days after our big day, Ricky and I got a chance to see now the beautiful island of Boracay. Yehey!!! #firstTime

We prepped up our stuffs and booked a bus trip going to Clark International Airport in Pampanga. We booked our bus trip in Trinoma. One way trip amounted to P250 and they only had fixed schedule to choose from.

It took us almost 2 hours as we arrived in Clark International Airport.

We checked in and waited to board. While waiting, we tried this wintermelon milktea and I liked it.

Our flight was called and its boarding time.

Boracay is one of the small islands in our beloved place, the Philippines. It has a very famous white sand beach approximately measured by 5-kilometer stretch and exactly located in Malay Aklan. Apart from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. It is also emerging among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife.

As we arrived in Kalibu International Airport, we looked for an affordable van and boat services going to Jetty Port.

We chose KIATTA (Kalibo International Airport Tourist Transport Association). For almost 2 hours, we arrived in Jetty Port. We paid environmental and terminal fees.

We then took tricycle going to our hotel/resort.

We spent 10 minutes to get there.

We stayed in Boracay Breeze Resort located in Station 1.

It’s not a front-beach resort but it’s like a 5-min walk to the white beach itself. I loved the location of our resort, not that noisy, just chilling. They offered free breakfast which were delicious and overwhelming for me.

After we put down all of our stuffs, we immediately went to the front beach and to witness the sunset. We did witness it.

It was indeed stunning.

The white sand beach of Boracay was really lovely and fine.

The sand of Boracay was one of the very fine sands I’ve encountered. I really loved it.

While we were taking pictures during sunset, a man came towards us and asked if we can avail of their free dinner. It was very timely because we were already hungry that time. Lol. The person was from Astoria, named as Jerome. He was offering us free dinner just to listen and watch their 90-minute presentation. We agreed due to the fact that we were in a tight budget and we’re already hungry.

I suddenly remembered that we already checked in to Astoria during my brother’s birthday celebration before. Their accommodations were very good so we never thought of someone who would let us pay them an amount of money. We passed by to some of their amenities.

They were looked good, nice and cozy. So we took our dinner and it was a buffet type. They were all very appealing and tasted very good. Afterwards, this lady whose named Marie and looked like as Kakai Marquez, offering us too many things just to be their member. We spent not just 90 minutes but 3 hours just to say yes and pay them membership fee of P297,000. Just Wow. We wasted 3 hours of our time but we looked it in a positive side, we had a Free dinner. So there, it was really memorable and that was our Day1.

We also walked by the seaside to breathe fresh air and to witness the night life of Boracay.

We asked for some activity package like Island Tour, Snorkling, Parasailing, Paraw Sailing and Helmet Diving. We were able to avail it for our Day 2 activity in the Island.

We woke up late the next day, past 7am as we were exhausted the day before. Our island tour is scheduled 9am. We took our breakfast then we prepped up for our day’s activities.

Here’s our Island tour experiences.

Crystal Cove Island

Magic Island

Less than 10 minutes of boat ride from Crystal Cove is a small island mostly visited for its man-made wooden cliffs of different heights. From its low 5-meter to its knee-shaking 15-meter cliff, this island is absolutely the best way to start and escalate our island hopping experience. There’s a fee of P150 for cliff dive.

Crocodile Island

We had our lunch before going to our last destination.

Puka Beach

Our last stop before ending our island hopping itinerary was at Puka Beach.

This place had kept its serenity. It was quiet and the tranquility made it a perfect stop to have a delicious meal with your friends while sighting and hearing the soft waves of the sea.

We stayed here for a while to enjoy and made ourselves relax.

Afterwards, we had our helmet diving that lasted for like 15-20 minutes. The experience was extremely wonderful as we enjoyed staying under the water to feed fishes, to take pictures underneath and to carry a heavyweight helmet.

We went back to the white beach and maximize our time again on swimming and beach viewing.

It was very pleasant to see sunset, different people or tourists at the beach, unique boats, and everything around us.

Everything was like bliss and we felt like not going back to Manila.

We bought the famous Andoks Manok for our late dinner then.

Our Day 2 ended here.

Day 3 came; we woke up few minutes past 7am. We had our breakfast, lunch and prepped ourselves up for today’s activities – Parasailing and Paraw Sailing.

While waiting for our turn, we made ourselves busy through picture taking and enjoying the view.

We had our shot at the famous Boracay Sand Art.


I didn’t realize that I could overcome one of my weaknesses – Fear of Heights and Depth.

I’m proud of myself. The activity should last for like 15-20 minutes but for us, it only lasted 10 minutes because of me. I was horrified and my stomach was starting to be upset.

At first, I was too excited and nervous but suddenly it was really scary as I saw my feet hanging and we were too high above sea level.

Boat Sailing

Final activity on that day was Paraw Sailing or Boat Sailing.

We were not actually the one who sailed the boat. We just did relaxing while we were on the boat.  We felt the cold wind against our skin that’s very soothing. The sunset view was very stunning and you couldn’t even describe the beauty of it.

We truly enjoyed the beauty and fun of Boracay Island.

After our activities, we spent our free time on swimming and walking at the seaside. As we were walking, we saw Chatime since we love milktea. It was a little bit pricey compared to Manila. Of course, we were in Boracay.

We saw big and high rocking chair.

Swimming again.

At night.

We went to church afterwards before heading back to our stay. It’s located beside our hotel. We gave thanks to our Lord for everything.

We tried to spend our late night through drinking session but drinks at the bar were all too way expensive. So we decided to buy street food and beer to end our night and spent it at the seaside.

We woke up early to get the most out of our last day in Boracay.

I felt like staying here for good. I didn’t want to go back to Manila.

I won’t forget our stay in this lovely place. I would definitely go back if I had a chance.  Its indeed well spent vacay..♥♥

We then went back to Manila. See you again Boracay Island.❤❤❤

deetrailove notes

  • Expenses for 2

Day 1

*Tricycle to Bayan – 24

*Bus to Philcao – 40

*Jeep to Trinoma – 16

*Bus to Clark – 500

*Terminal Fee – 300

*Snack – 58

*Van to Caticlan with Boat transfer to Boracay – 500 (1:30) Van (10minutes) Boat

*Terminal Fee – 150

*Environmental Fee – 200

*Tricycle to Hotel – 120

*Dinner – Free

Day 2

*Island Hopping – 2500

*Free breakfast

*Free Lunch

*Dinner – 150

Day 3

*Breakfast – Free

*Parasailing/Paraw – 2000

*PMT – 115

*Dinner/Lunch – 259

*Key chain/ref magnet – 200

Day 4

*Breakfast – Free

*Tricycle to the Port – 50

*Van to Kalibo – 350

*Boat – 50

*Terminal fee – 200

*Airport Terminal fee – 400

*Lunch – 244

*Jeep to main terminal – 20

*Jeep to Dau Terminal – 16

*Clark bus to manila – 129 each = 258

📷 Credits to my Significant Other, Ricky❤


Mt. Balagbag – Maranat Dayhike

May 24, 2015

777+ MASL (Mt Balagbag) and 811 MASL (Mt Maranat)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 1-2 hours (from jump off to Mt Balagbag)/ 2-2.5 hours (Mt Balagbag to Mt Maranat summit)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9,
Trail class 1-2.

One Sunday morning, Ricky and I thought of climbing Mt. Balagbag and traversing Mt. Maranat for a new adventure. I already visited this mountain twice and this was my third time. This time I was able to traverse to Mt. Maranat when before I just took the Mt. Balagbag dayhike. One of my visits, I spent my birthday on this mountain. I was not able to share with you guys our experience previously but this time here it goes.

We normally went for a hike with just the two of us. We enjoyed each other’s company as always. But there were times that we’re already bored with each other. Hahaha! Sometimes, we invited some friends to let them join us and experience our way of hike.

We came from San Mateo Rizal and rode a tricycle and jeepney going to Commonwealth Avenue. It was 5am when we went out. We got off to St. Peter’s Church and crossed the road to the other side using Foot Bridge. We were waiting for a jeepney or bus that had a signage of Tungko and after 5-10 minutes we finally found a jeepney. We spent almost two hour-travel time going to Tungko. We paid P40 per person for our fare. There’s a Jollibee at Tungko and we took a pee for a moment before taking another jeepney going to Licao Licao. We’re not hungry that time as we took our breakfast and brought something to eat like packed lunch before we headed our way out. We decided to continue by going to the jeepney terminal with Licao Licao signage. As we took the ride, we paid P35 as one-way fare. We then arrived at the unloading terminal in Licao-Licao. We prepped up ourselves and started trekking to the jump-off area. We registered our names at the barangay and we paid P10. It was like 30-45 minutes of walking depending on the pace. At first, the trail was somehow easy and relatively flat. It felt like it’s my first time climbing this mountain again. We encountered villages and locals on our way as we greeted them “Good day”. We even saw chapels in which were very pleasant for us. The heat of the sun was somewhat welcoming, you would feel like wanting to drink so much water and we did it too. Make sure that you bring plenty of water to hydrate your body.

After probably like 45minutes, we reached Mt. Balagbag summit. The view was stunning and made us in awe. We enjoyed the view and took so many pictures and videos.

Suddenly, there were some trail bikers and 4×4 ATV riders whom we encountered. What made us interesting was that ATV. Riders parked it at the summit. We asked one of the riders if we could take some photos and they agreed to it. Ricky and I took some photos with those ATV and they were really amazing.

We then headed back to the trail. I didn’t know how to go to Mt. Maranat coz I’ve never been there. I decided not to have a guide since the trail was not that challenging. But I’m wrong. I was under the impression that you could just follow it and you would not be lost. We followed the trail. We encountered trail runners who were running the way opposite to us. There was no way for us to follow them to Mt. Maranat. We still continued to walk. Until we met group of hikers who were going the same way as ours. These people were from JIL “Jesus is Lord” religious group. They decided to have a day hike as well. One of them knew the way so Ricky and I asked them if we counld join their group on the trail since we didn’t know how to get to Mt. Maranat. They agreed.

After almost 2 hours of walking and crossing river, we reached Mt. Maranat, finally. We’re glad! Of course, we dip in the river water to relax and calm our stressed bodies. We were just happy at the moment. We took pictures again and had some rest under the tree. We also ate our lunch afterwards.

Btw, we met Ka Nestor, the well-known person in Mt. Maranat by the mountaineering community. I heard so many things about him and I’m glad I finally got to meet him.

We decided to go back to the trail to descent with the JIL group.

We were back at the barangay hall by 4:30PM. We immediately washed up because we needed to be in the terminal before 6pm. It’s the last trip back to Tungko terminal. Subsequently, Ricky and I bid goodbye to the JIL group and hoping that we would meet again. We thanked them so much for the hospitality and for their help. We then walked back to the Licao-Licao terminal and good thing was that jeepney was empty and still waiting for commuters when we arrived.

We arrived home.

I would always treasure these trip with my special someone Ricky. You’re always special to me. I am looking forward to more trips and journeys with you in the future. ♥♥♥


New Balance RUN ON Race


Ricky and I were out of Running for quite a while now. We already missed out running. I persuaded him to join on a running event to start over. Nowadays, its very challenging for us to be consistent in training but at least we’re trying to adjust every now and then through doing short run and some workouts. We decided to join New Balance RUN ON Race for a comeback this year. It happened on May 28, 2017 in U.P. Diliman Grounds.

Please see registration details below.

Registration Fee:

Individual – P500
Team of 4 – P1800
* Run On Manila 2017 is for ages 16 and up only.
* Challenge yourself and go 1KM further on race day to earn a reward!
Your race pack comes with:
– Your race slot
– Official race tee
– Race bib
– Loot bag
– Finisher medal (for the first 500 to finish the race!)
– Finisher token (for the first 100 to finish the optional + 1km)
– Access to the after-run party at the race village. Enjoy performances by local artists!
– Access to post-event food and drinks!

Race Shirt:



Registration Venues:

  1. Online Registration –
    Race Kit Pickup: (Starting May 18-26)
    – New Balance Alabang Town Center
    – New Balance Bonifacio High Street
    – New Balance Glorietta
    – New Balance Robinsons Place Manila
    – New Balance Trinoma
    – New Balance SM Aura Premier
    – Planet Sports Shop: U.P. Town Center

The race started at 3pm in which I don’t think a good start for us. The heat of the sun was very painful on our skin and it put so much effort while running compared to running in the morning. It was really difficult to breathe as well.

Since, this race was a 5-kilometer run, it took me 41 minutes with so much walking to finish the race. I used to get this distance in 35 minutes with training. Participants had the privileges to take the additional 1km as a challenge of their speed. To those who took it got their finisher token provided that they were included in the first 100 finishers. The first 500 finishers would get finishers medal. I was not really confident if I could make it to be part of 500 finishers due to so much exhaustion and walking.

Fortunately, I made it. I got my finisher’s medal. Thank God. I’m overwhelmed on how I started and the outcome of it.

Congratulations to all finishers and its good to see some running friends that we met on the road.

                                           With Mamie Pamie and Ricky

Tambobong Beach in Dasol Pangasinan

April 15-16, 2017

My parents asked us to join them for a short vacation. They thought of visiting our cousins in Mayantoc, Tarlac and to also celebrate Easter with them. It’s a 3-hour travel by bus from Quezon City. My brother and I decided to accompany them. I also invited Ricky (my S.O) to join us on our trip. So we were five when we went to our destination.

Since, it was a Black Saturday that moment, we were challenged by getting bus going to Tarlac. Almost everyone was going to their province for a vacation. After 30 minutes we finally got the right bus route. We were fortunate enough to have our seats.

We arrived in Mayantoc by approximately 1pm of the same day. We were welcomed by our cousins, Ate Lala, Ate Khang and Kuya Joel. We got a chance to see Kuya Eric as well.

We were all excited to see them after a long time of not meeting them. We were talking a lot of stuffs, asking them how everyone’s doing.

Sometimes, I am thinking of how my cousins were now successful on their burger business in Tarlac. I am praying also that I could find and establish my own business soon.

We told Kuya Joel that we were interested to visit Monasteryo de Tarlac to celebrate Easter. So we were on our way then to Monasteryo de Tarlac until Kuya Joel decided to go to Dasol Beach in Pangasinan and thought of visiting Our Lady of Manaoag Church afterwards instead of visiting Monasterio de Tarlac.

We had no choice but to agree, anyways, we could only visit them once in a blue moon why not accept the challenge. The challenge was, we didn’t bring our clothes with us. We left it at their house because we never expected of us going to the beach.

We went to the market in Aguilar and purchased swimming attire or at least shorts because we got nothing but the clothes we were wearing that time.

It took us 4 hours when we arrived at Tambobong Beach Resort in Dasol Pangasinan.

We were all excited and at the same time we were all exhausted and starving. It was night already when we reached our destination. We prepared our dinner and took a rest.

We woke up 5am to witness the stunning sunrise of Dasol.

Of course, we took our best photos. As we watched the sunrise we were eating our breakfast at the seaside.

Dasol Beach in Pangasinan is located in western part of the province. Tambobong Beach is actually situated several kilometers away from the town proper of Dasol, at the northeastern end of Dasol Bay. What’s interesting about Tambobong’s white sand beach is that it fronts a fishing village along its entire length. Dozens of colorful boats used for fishing. They also used it for island hopping offered to the tourists for their additional income. Somehow, the locals have kept the white sand beach and its waters relatively clean something you won’t see in most beaches elsewhere.

It is clean enough that visitors swim in the waters offshore. What saddened me too, most visitors don’t mind their garbage. Trashes were everywhere. Very good thing, locals always kept their beach clean by collecting those trashes. We should always observe LNT (Leave no Trace) also in beaches.

Sunrise in Dasol was really stunning.

It colored the sky and it made everybody’s mood very soothing and relaxing.

The sea was very calm. I really enjoyed it so much. I am not very good in swimming but I was happy because I am not expecting that I would be visiting one of the best beaches. It has fine white sand and it has clear water.

My father and 3 kiddos that joined us were curious observing marine life including starfish, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, tiny crabs and some crawling creatures we couldn’t identify.

We didn’t witness sunset but I believed that Dasol Beach has an excellent location for sunset views.

I am glad that Tambobong beach is getting the attention they deserved.

There were some constructions being built in the community that could be use as a tourists’ accommodations. In the near future, it would be developed and more tourists would visit the place.

There were a lot of different kinds of trees surrounding the area like mango, cashew, etc. We even tried to get one.

You could easily reached the fruit.

As we headed back to Mayantoc, we noticed that much of the route to Tambobong from the national highway has been concreted, part of a major effort by the country’s Department of Tourism to develop the area’s tourism.

Hopefully, on our next visit we’re able to do island hopping and we’re more ready.

We visited first Our Lady of Manaoag Church before going back to Mayantoc.

We got a chance to see the station of the Holy Cross, they called it the Rosary Garden.

We even touched Mama Mary’s blessed dress.

We prayed for a good health and to shower us with more blessings after we lit candles.

I really couldn’t get over of the famous Tupig. Dina’s Special Tupig is one of the best.

If you just came from a vacation in Pangasinan, you’re in luck as the best tasting tupig in Tarlac is along Romulo Highway in Camiling. They still use the clay oven or kugon, use multiple layers of banana leaves so the tupig doesn’t burn, and use a generous serving of ingredients such as coconut milk, glutinous rice flour, young coconut meat and sweetener (usually sugar or molasses). What gives Tupig its distinct flavor is the banana wrapper and the way it’s cooked: grilled over charcoal and best on clay.

We headed back to Manila after we arrived in Mayantoc, Tarlac. We were very thankful to our cousins – Kuya Joel, Ate Lala, ate Khang and Kuya Eric with their three kiddos for the wonderful short vacation. We enjoyed it so much. See you next time! (*__*)

Photo credits: Rick dela Paz, Dennis Bacarisas

Mt. Cayabu (420m) & Mt. Maynoba (728m) + 8 Waterfalls with Pililla Windmills Sidetrip

March 5, 2017

We thought of climbing this mountain and finalized the planning stage. I considered this event as my early birthday climb. We then invited some common friends and colleagues to join us.

We all met at McDonalds Cubao beside Kia Theater.

We arrived very early on a Sunday morning, roughly by 3:30am of March 5, 2017 at Mar-ning’s Farm.

The way going to the town of San Antonio was very rough. We passed by the jump-off area of Mt. Batolusong, the Brgy Hall of Cayabu and Cayabu Elementary School.

We registered our names and secured guides.

We were introduced to our guides. They initiated brief orientation about the activity and informed us of the rules that needed to follow.

They even offered prayer for our safe ascend. Glad we met these guides.

                                                                   Moises, Cesar, Michael & Bing

They were very helpful, cheerful and we learned so many things from them about their town and the mountain.

We started our trek by 3:57am. We were overwhelmed by the assault of this mountain. It was not a walk in the park type of trek. It was not easy. It had a knee-trembling uphill climb in most part of the trail. The trail was newly-made and I could say that Maynoba circuit had very organized trail compared to other Rizal trails.

We reached Mt. Cayabu in approximately one hour. Our guide said, Cayabu derived from a person’s name who made this trail. His name was Ka Ambo. When he passed away, locals called the peak as Mt. Cayabu. It happened like 2 or 3 years ago as per Moises (guide). He also added that March 12, 2017 would be the 2nd anniversary of the mountain from the day they started opening the mountain to the public.

It was still dark when we arrived at the summit.

I was really amazed by the group that I belong. These people had a very good stamina. I was stunned by their speed. I didn’t even hear any complain from most of them. I presumed that they enjoyed the hike. I even enjoyed it so much.

After the mandatory picture at the Cayabu peak, we immediately headed to Mt. Maynoba to at least witness the sea of clouds.

Along our way, we were looking at the sky to check if it’s clear hoping that we would be able to watch the famous sea of clouds. But the wind was very noticeable. Apparently, we didn’t achieve it.

The sun was starting to welcome us.

We visibly saw things around us. We took picture every time there’s a chance and a good view for Instagram.

We reached Camp 1 and took group picture.

As we headed to Mt. Maynoba summit, the trail was somehow steep and muddy due to the fact that it rained the day before our day hike. Grasses were a little bit sharp and even taller than us.

I loved how this mountain was created by our Father. Grassland, plants and small fresh flowers were lovely.

We even saw big ants, bigger that the usual ants in the city. I loved this huge Balete Tree (if I’m correct) and the bamboo trees.

You would appreciate the view of Rizal mountains too like Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Irid and Mt. Tukduang Banoi.

At last, we were able to overcome the challenge.

At Mt. Maynoba peak.

Brownie with his paracord necklace.

We then finished not just one mountain, its two, Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba twin day hike.

We started to chase waterfalls of Cayabu and let ourselves relax. They were 8 fabulous waterfalls.

                                                                             Natatagong Paraiso Falls

                                                                      Katmon Falls 

                                                                                                   Gintuan Falls 

                                                                                             Gugulong na Bato Falls 

                                                                                              Lantay Falls 

                                                                                                Pantay Falls 

                                                                                         Mangganiso Falls 

                                                                                      Maynoba Falls 

Between each of the waterfalls, you would encounter a trail wherein you needed to do rapelling.

We were a little bit tired, here’s one of our take 5’s.

We started to descend. The trail going down for me was somehow beginner-friendly.

We were back at the jump off by 11:50am. The monkey was congratulating us.

I talked to a guide named Bing after we washed up and gave her my used items but these things were still in good condition. I told her to give these stuffs to children and other guides as well.

We then headed to Pililla Windmills in Pililla Rizal at 2:30pm. I am under the impression that it was somehow near from our area. I was totally wrong. It was approximately 21km from Cayabu Elementary School. We spent one hour to get there.

We saw the Windmill viewpoint. We’re glad to see all windmills. They were huge and of course we took our mandatory picture.

I gave them bagtag as a souvenir.

I shared these stuffs that can still be used by the locals.

We then went home.

deetrailove notes:

  • Private Transportation

From Cubao (Araneta), take Aurora Blvd. East Bound and continue straight to Marcos Highway. You will pass by Sta. Lucia Grand Mall, Masinag, and Cogeo. After Cogeo, you will enter the Upper Marikina Basin Protected Landscape and pass by the zigzag road.

You will also pass by Palo Alto and Garden Cottages. Then, a few meters from Kilometer Post 51, take note of the Welcome Arch of Barangay San Andres which is on the other side of the left side of the road (or if you have been to Mount Batolusong, it is actually the same road). Locals call it as Batangasan or Batangas.

Follow the road that will lead you to Brgy. San Andres. The road is a mix of concrete to rough. After Brgy. San Andres comes Brgy. Sto. Niño. Once you see forking in the road, take the left side. A few more meters and you will reach Brgy. Cayabu. Go pass the Cayabu Elementary School and the Cayabu Barangay Hall until you reach Mar-ning’s Farm and Resort which is the jump off area.

  • Public Transportation

From Cubao, ride an FX (or a jeepney) to Cogeo Gate 2 Antipolo (Php 35). Once in Cogeo, locate the jeepney terminal and ride a jeepney going to Sampaloc/Tanay. Inform the driver to drop you off at Batangasan/Batangas. (1 hour travel time). Several tricycle and habal-habal can take you to Mar-ning’s Farm and Resort in Barangay Cayabu. (30 minutes travel time). You can ask the habal-habal/tricycle driver to fetch you in the afternoon at Mar-ning’s and will bring you back to Batangasan. Wait for a jeepney bound for Cogeo Gate 2. It is said that jeepneys usually pass by Batangas until 7pm. Once in Cogeo, ride your way to Cubao via FX or jeepney. (Pinoymountaineer)

  • The guide fee is priced at P500/5 pax for a day hike and P1,250/5 pax for an overnight hike.
  • The registration fee is at P20.00 for a regular hike and P40.00 for a traverse.
  • Wash up fee is P20
  • Actual Itinerary

01:00am Meet and greet at Farmer’s Cubao
01:30am ETD at Cubao
03:00am ETA at Brgy Cayabu, Tanay Rizal Breakfast; Secure guides & Registration
04:00am Start trek to Mt. Cayabu
05:00am Arrival at Mt. Cayabu summit/Rest/Photo Ops
05:30am Start trek to Mt. Maynoba
07:00am Stopover to Peak
08:30am Arrival at Mt. Maynoba summit
09:00am Start descent/To 8 Wonder falls/ swimming
10:00am 8 Wonder falls
11:50nn Arrived at the jump off area
12:00nn Lunch/wash up/Shower/Swim
02:30pm Pililla Windmills
05:00pm ETD going to Cubao

Thank you so much to the following people who joined and helped us conquer these mountain peaks.

  • Ralph
  • Sheina
  • Riya
  • Erickson
  • Meneleous
  • Joseph
  • Jo Aldrin
  • Sherry
  • Hayner
  • Lalainne
  • Roni
  • Marc
  • Arra
  • Oliver
  • Jhun Mark
  • Kristinne
  • Paul
  • Tin
  • Red

Photos credit to the owners.

7-11 Run Year 2017

February 5, 2017

It was my first time joining 7-11 Run series. I was already hearing positive feedback for this event. This year, I decided to join and register. I encouraged my S.O. to register the buddy run, 10km-run.


Please see registration details and categories below for additional info:

Skyway, Filinvest City Alabang


Registration Fees:

42K – P1500
21K – P1000
16K – P800
10K – P700
10K Buddy – P1000
5K – P600
3K – P500
500m – P400

Registration Venue:

  1. Online Via –

Go to REGISTER tab – Choose your Wave – Enter you Registration Details – Click “I have a promo code” tab – Enter the 7-Connect Reference Number – Choose what store you want to pick up the race kit – After the registration, you will be receiving an email containing your Registration details and race kit claiming date – Race kit claiming will be in the store nominated by the customer upon registration

Singlet Design:


Race Routes:


I was very excited aside from the fact that joining this 7-11 race this year was my first time and running the Skyway was also my first time.

We arrived at the venue 45-minute early. 

Rick and I decided to visit some of the booths available. We were thinking that we might get something out prior to the race. We didn’t make a mistake. We got refreshments already and took pictures at Del Monte photo booth. I was really overwhelmed and almost forgot that we would still be running 10 km. So we hurriedly went to the baggage area and left our things. We immediately headed to the starting line because it was our turn already.

I had a great feeling while running on the Skyway. I am not sure if the air that I breathed was fresh. 

But it was better than the air in MOA. Skyway had a long stretch of downhill and uphill. My lungs were really challenged and of course my legs as well. There were so many runners joined. 

Probably they heard the positive feedback too and some maybe were used to be part of this event previously. It was really nice seeing some friends too.

We finished the 10km run by one hour and 12 minutes. This was according to our GPS watch, unofficial.

We immediately went to the baggage area and got our bags. Then we fell in line to the race kit claiming area. Again, both areas had too many people. We took time getting our stuffs and finisher’s kit. However, Rick & I were not affected at all. We were too happy for the loots that we got. They were really a lot.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the 7-11 race event and to 7-11 people behind. 

Aside from the fact that we enjoyed running this race, we ultimately enjoyed as well the stuffs that they gave us.

Congratulations to all finishers and podium finishers. 

‘Til next year.

Photo credits: 7-11 Run Series, The Owners, Rick dela Paz



Santa Ana, Cagayan: Palaui Island Paradise

March 24 – 25, 2016

Palaui Island is one of the places that listed on my bucket lists. This is the Cagayan’s northeastern island that instantly bounded from an unusual destination to one of the Luzon’s most desired tourist spots.

It is characterized by scenic cove, dramatic rock cliffs, precious meadows and perfect mangroves.

This island was recognized by CNN as one of the Top world’s best beaches. It was also the location of the 2013 Survivor US reality show.

Lagunzad Trail

There are two ways to explore Palaui Island: first and easiest would be by boat which would take you to most attractions in a shorter period, second, by hiking into Palaui’s dense jungle to vast clearings, and traversing beaches to assaulting for peaks, via Lagunzad Trail.

Due to the considerably bad weather condition, we took the trail instead of taking it by boat. Coastguards did not allow everybody to go by boat. Rick and I were glad because this is our advantage and we love trails.

Taking this two-hour route gives hikers a closer look into the island’s wide range of flora and wildlife.

Cape Engaño Lighthouse

Cape Engaño Lighthouse also known as Faro de Cabo Engaño, stands on top of a 90-meter cliff guiding sea vessels passing by the raging waters of the northeastern coast for over a hundred years.

The breathtaking view of rolling green hills and jaw-dropping sea cliffs surrounded by the vast blue ocean what really attracted me and made me visit this island.

It serves as the guiding light from the Pacific to the extreme northeast point of Luzon, and the channel between the Babuyan Islands and the mainland.

Among the lighthouses found in the north coast of Luzon, it is the easternmost among light.


Costa Carina Beach Front Resort

We stayed overnight at Costa Carina Beach Front Resort for the next day’s activities.

The resort is not a white sand beach but I believe that this is a very good place for sunset viewing though we did not witness that.

Costa Carina offers basic comforts such as small rooms with fan/aircon and bathroom. They also have small bar, gift shop and coffee shop.

Siwangag Cove

We descent from the lighthouse to Cape Engaño Beach, from a flight of stairs to the white-sanded shores. We spent a few minutes there before going to another attraction in the island.

Baratubut Falls

Palaui has another well-known waterfall, Baratubut Falls, accessible via Leonardo Trail to Cape Engaño. We took a dip to freshen up and to cool down in this mountain water shower through huge rocks that approximately measured 10-15 feet high.

Anguib Cove

It is located in Santa Ana Cagayan which is the northernmost town of the province. Anguib beach has become the pride of the town.

It has blue, clear water that touches the fine, white sand near its shore. Being in a cove, the waters are calm and display stillness as the waves are mild, making the place safe for swimming. It reminded me of the Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. Its waters are so clean and prestine. The scenery was more than incredible.

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island is also known as Manidad Island. It was named such obviously because of how it looks like a crocodile with its head above the water.

Crocodile Island was actually a rock that formed the reptile’s head.

Punta Verde

The long stretch of Punta Verde serves as the main entry point of Palaui Island’s hiking and camping visitors. Travelers are required to register on a marine detachment unit based within the island.

People lived there were selling souvenirs like keychain, necklace, etc. We bought keychain made in seashells.


By Passenger Bus

  • Take a Florida bus bound for Aparri or Santa Ana Cagayan
  • You may also take a Victory Liner bus to Tuguegarao then take a shuttle van going to Santa Ana, Cagayan

By Plane

  • Fly to Tuguegarao. We got incredibly low promo fare flights from Cebu Pacific:
  • Just outside the Tuguegarao Airport, take a tricycle going to the terminal for the shuttle vans going to Santa Ana, Cagayan
  • Shuttle vans are only up to 5:00 pm. If you past 5:00 pm, you may spend the night in Tuguegarao and leave the next day.
  • The last trip of vans going to Sta. Ana from Tuguegarao is 5:30 PM
  • The last trip of vans going to Tuguegarao from Sta. Ana is 1:00 PM

Social media Event Pages

  • We joined our trip thru GalaPH event on Facebook. We took van provided by the organizers.