EGGciting Adventure Family Fun Run 2016

November 06, 2016

I was informed by my significant other, Ricky that he took advantage of the free race kits offered by Miss Nikka of Team Guerilla Race Marshalls. Miss Nikka posted the said privilege on their Facebook team page. I am also part of that page and we used to be trained as one of the marshals of Guerilla race before. Due to time constraints we became inactive of the said group. Kits being offered is for Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run. It was scheduled initially on October 16, 2016 but because of the weather condition, it was rescheduled on November 06, 2016.

I could feel the excitement in me when Ricky got two (2) free race kits. I would be able to run.

Here came the day of the event. I was so excited due to the fact that I had no training or run for 5 weeks now. I woke up by 2:30am. We went out to the event by 3:30am. We arrived at the Seaside Mall of Asia (MOA) by 4:30am. We immediately went to the registration area to get our free kit. We finally got it after we were assisted by one of the marshals who was very accommodating.

Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run was the first-ever event in celebration of the World Egg Day. It brought to everyone by the Guerilla Race together with the Philippine Egg Board and The Good Egg Advocacy of Sarimanok.

Other activities were Eggciting mini egg hunt, Eggciting Dance Fitness, Eggciting Health Consultation, and many more. This event aimed to promote One Egg a Day Awareness most especially for families. The good thing as well, all finishers got their finishers’ medal.

Podium finishers got their awards.

At first, we were under the impression that the race would start by exactly 5:00am for 10k, followed by the other categories. For some reason, the race started by 6:00am. For me, it’s good as well because we were able to visit all sponsors’ tents to participate on some of their games. We were able to take pictures as well at the photo booth. While doing all of these stuffs, we were listening to the program too.

As we listened to the speakers of the program, according to the Philippine Egg Board Association, consumption of one egg daily helps in weight management, provides muscle strength and prevent muscle-loss, it helps the brain function better, it’s good for the eyes, and contributes to healthy pregnancy. The egg contains 6 grams of quality protein and other nutrients such as iron, Vitamin A, D, E, B12, folate, choline and lutein. It also contains the healthy fat Omega 3.

Below listed were the event categories and details:

We ran 5 kilometers (Km). It was a good event. It had so many marshals everywhere that guided us along our way. They directed us as well on where to get the eggs. There were egg hunting event. Every two eggs found, there’s a corresponding prize. I got two along the race and they gave me a mug in exchange of those 2 eggs.

Runners brought their families on the event and looked very happy and enjoy on what they were doing.

The kids were enjoying as well as they had their own program for egg hunting, games, coloring and face painting.

The organizers had their oath taking for an egg a day. Egg toss.

Team Run Direction (TRD) had their dance number.

The event had Zumba session after the race.

And finally, the most-awaited Awarding.

This event was very memorable for me because I got a podium finish. I ran 2nd place 5K for Women category. It was such a great feeling and was very thankful. According to MyRunTime page, my personal best time is 32:45. I am hoping that I could still improve my PR.

After the race, we got our loot bag. It was really overwhelming. There were so many freebies.

Big thanks again to Miss Nikka for the free racekits.

Photo credits: The Good Egg Page, Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run Page, Bicolano Runner, Omplongz dela Paz