7-11 Run Year 2017

February 5, 2017

It was my first time joining 7-11 Run series. I was already hearing positive feedback for this event. This year, I decided to join and register. I encouraged my S.O. to register the buddy run, 10km-run.


Please see registration details and categories below for additional info:

Skyway, Filinvest City Alabang


Registration Fees:

42K – P1500
21K – P1000
16K – P800
10K – P700
10K Buddy – P1000
5K – P600
3K – P500
500m – P400

Registration Venue:

  1. Online Via – http://run711.com

Go to REGISTER tab – Choose your Wave – Enter you Registration Details – Click “I have a promo code” tab – Enter the 7-Connect Reference Number – Choose what store you want to pick up the race kit – After the registration, you will be receiving an email containing your Registration details and race kit claiming date – Race kit claiming will be in the store nominated by the customer upon registration

Singlet Design:


Race Routes:


I was very excited aside from the fact that joining this 7-11 race this year was my first time and running the Skyway was also my first time.

We arrived at the venue 45-minute early. 

Rick and I decided to visit some of the booths available. We were thinking that we might get something out prior to the race. We didn’t make a mistake. We got refreshments already and took pictures at Del Monte photo booth. I was really overwhelmed and almost forgot that we would still be running 10 km. So we hurriedly went to the baggage area and left our things. We immediately headed to the starting line because it was our turn already.

I had a great feeling while running on the Skyway. I am not sure if the air that I breathed was fresh. 

But it was better than the air in MOA. Skyway had a long stretch of downhill and uphill. My lungs were really challenged and of course my legs as well. There were so many runners joined. 

Probably they heard the positive feedback too and some maybe were used to be part of this event previously. It was really nice seeing some friends too.

We finished the 10km run by one hour and 12 minutes. This was according to our GPS watch, unofficial.

We immediately went to the baggage area and got our bags. Then we fell in line to the race kit claiming area. Again, both areas had too many people. We took time getting our stuffs and finisher’s kit. However, Rick & I were not affected at all. We were too happy for the loots that we got. They were really a lot.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the 7-11 race event and to 7-11 people behind. 

Aside from the fact that we enjoyed running this race, we ultimately enjoyed as well the stuffs that they gave us.

Congratulations to all finishers and podium finishers. 

‘Til next year.

Photo credits: 7-11 Run Series, The Owners, Rick dela Paz




Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge

March 20, 2016

Never did I imagine that I would be joining the Pinoy Fitness 10k Challenge. I was just only dreaming of this for I am not confident enough if I could make 10k in an hour. I just supported and watched my friends who joined this event before. On this event, finally I made a decision to participate and accepted the challenge. I registered on the event with the registration details as mentioned below.


Race maps, medal, shirt and singlet as shown below.



At the starting line, I was praying so hard hoping that I could make it in one hour so that I could have a medal. I was hoping also not to incur injuries on this race.

I was having a mixed emotions that very moment. I was feeling nervous, happy and excited. I believed that everyone was feeling the same way too.

During the race, you could feel the eagernes, adrenalin and  competition within ourselves. Everybody was aiming for that medal. I treated the medal as a diamond.

We met some friends and known coaches along the race. By the way, we also met Sir Jeff (the founder) of Pinoy Fitness after the race.

I always checked on my watch if I still have a time. I was hopeless when I heard someone said that it was passed an hour already. Surprisingly, when we turned left going to the finish line, almost near, I somehow visibly saw the time. It was few seconds already before the 60th minute. I immediately made myself do the sprint. Finally, I made it!!!!!!

I was so happy and proud of myself. The feeling was incredible. 

The experience was perfect and this would be definitely worth sharing. Having this medal was really a very special birthday gift for myself. (^__^)

Congratulations to all finishers and to those who exceeded themselves, like me, i mean us with my love (Rick). \m/

Photo credits
: Pinoy Fitness, Omplongz dela Paz

NRC Nike Women’s Half-Marathon (21K) Manila

May 15, 2016

The NikeWomen Victory Tour came again to the Philippines as the NRC Half Marathon Manila as set at the CAVITEX on May 15, 2016.


I am so proud that I was part of this all-women half marathon event in the country.

It was following the successful event of the Nike Women’s 10K happened last May 2015 in which I joined too. All runners were registered with their best female buddy. I was so fortunate because Sky Chan agreed to be my buddy.

Just a brief background. The NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila was part of the largest global women’s event series, the NikeWomen Victory Tour that involved female athletes around the world reveled the power of the global female fitness community through a series of one-of-a-kind running and training events.

We were not able to join their training because of time constraints as Nike had prepared a series of training schedules for all registered runners.

Registration fee was P2,700 per pair and we made it thru online. Registration inclusions listed below:

  • A place in the NRC Womens Half Marathon Manila L race
  • An exclusive NRC Womens Half Marathon Manila Tee


  • A timing chip, the D-tag
  • A race guide with additional information about the race


  • Finisher’s entitlement for participants who finish the race on Race Day.

Became #BetterForIt together with my best buddy in this first ever NikeWomen 21K in Manila!

Photo credits: The owner


40th Milo Marathon Manila Leg

July 31, 2016

Congratulations to all the participants and finishers of the 40th Milo Marathon Manila Leg held on July 31st of 2016 in SM Mall of Asia grounds, in which the country’s most prestigious running event. This was my first time joining the Milo event with time pressure. I joined before but under 5k category.


I participated with so many races already and I’ve been dreaming to be part of Milo Marathon. The feeling was like very gratifying when you reached the cut-off time otherwise you would not be getting the medal.

My preparation prior to the race was not very consistent due to the time constraints. I just had a training every other day and I could say that it was not like a formal training. I just ran for the sake of not incurring any serious injuries. I registered to 21k with the target time of 2 hours and 30 minutes (2:30).

Please see race categories and race maps below:









During the race, I could feel the excitement and even the excitement of every person in the race. I was so nervous as well and I’m praying my hardest, hoping that I could get the medal that I’m dreaming of. I could really sense the perseverance of everyone.

While I was running, I met friends on the road, running coaches and by the way Rick (my SO) was also ran under 42K category. He got his medal as well. It was huge.

Fortunately, I was able to make it. I got the 21K medal too. I was so happy. I am so proud of myself.

Thanks to God and to Rick who always pushed me to my limits to be the best.

Next goal would be 42K for the next season of Milo Marathon.

Kudos to all finishers. God speed!

Photo credits: The Owner, Omplongz dela Paz

Soleus’ Cross Country Challenge 2016

July 10, 2016

I’ve been dreaming to visit this place for a long time now because I was so attracted to the Mt. Sinai Tablet that engraved the 10 Commandments of GOD. I would also like to experience the feeling of running on this unique trail. Since I love mountains and trails, I decided to participate to Soleus’ Cross Country Challenge happened on July 10, 2016 in Mt. Sinai, San Mateo Rizal. Never did I imagine that this place is too far from my home place which is in Guitnang Bayan San Mateo Rizal.

Please see race details and categories below:


I didn’t have a continuous training as a casual trail/road runner so I registered to 12K category to prevent from any serious injuries. The race shirt was perfect as shown below.





The finisher’s medal was indeed rewarding.


Prior to the event, there was a race kit claiming event. Details below:

Race Kit Claiming:
July 1-3, 2016
11am to 8pm
Events Place, 3rd Floor
500 Shaw Zentrum,
Mandaluyong City

Please see actual race BIBs below:



Race Route


As I ran on this trail, I can say that among mountains that I’ve been to, this trail was unique. I really loved it. As a casual runner, this trail of Pintong Bukawe had really something for everybody.

Like the river crossing, single-track trails and fire roads, woods, uphills, downhills, farm fields and the magnificent views of Sierra Madre.


We even saw a glimpse of Sea of Clouds. The single track trails and the main fire road descent into the Casile River for roughly 5 kms. I would just like to point out that apparently, organizers didn’t let us do the river crossing because of a bad weather condition prior to the event.


As noticed, the river had a bit strong current of river flow. I absolutely loved the views along the trails with the backdrop of the Ten Commandments tablet at Mt. Sinai as the starting point of the run. Of course, I took a picture of it as a remembrance and even selfies.

We met some of our friends and even famous running coaches.

It was really nice seeing them again. There were some famous artists as well like Andrea del Rosario but I never got a chance to take pictures of them.

After the race, ofcourse, we celebrated our journey. We ate the most delicious lugaw of all.

We took our post-race photos. Congratulations everyone for finishing the race.

Nevertheless, this challenge was all worth the pain and effort with all those magnificent views as witness by everyone. Thank you to all the organizers.:)

Photo credits: The owners, Running Photographer, Team Arunkada, Omplongz dela Paz

UNICEF’s Heroes For Children Run 2016

September 4, 2016

United Health Group participated in UNICEF’s annual Heroes For Children Run last September 4 at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City, Philippines. Heroes For Children is a benefit run that seeks to raise funds for UNICEF’s First 1,000 Days campaign for children’s health.


With over 7,000 attendees, the event raised funds in thwarting malnutrition in selected poverty areas in the Philippines through feeding programs, mother and child care, and preventive treatments.

As per Sweet Templa who is a UCARE core team officer and volunteer, “UHG Philippines employees live up to our company’s commitment towards health. It’s not just about waking up early to run and participate in an event, this is about being heroes, for an advocacy they are genuinely passionate about.*


When UCARE Team sent an invitation for this event, I immediately registered to it. I knew for the fact that this event was costly. We, employees of United Health Group, were very fortunate to be part of the event. The good things as well, registration fees were discounted because UHG was responsible for the difference on the amount.

I also shared this opportunity to my colleagues who always neglected to read emails like this.

Please see details below for the race categories:




Race Maps:





The experience was great. I didn’t pay that much but for me I know I was able to help to less fortunate human beings. During pre-race, we were instructed to visit the UHG Tent at the venue to get refreshments and freebies. They gave us 1 bottle of Gatorade, 1 UHG Visor and water after we showed them the Waiver Form and signed the log sheet.

During the race, it was very fulfilling. You see a lot of runners that composed of individual runners, families, podium runners and even kids. I even saw disabled runners and even kids.


It was really surprising that even kids with disabilities, they were able to share their part for the sake of helping others. You would see the smile on their faces when they crossed the finish line. Really inspiring, indeed.


Moreover, there were so many artists who joined the race. This event became more exciting because of them.



I finished the race for 2 hours 42 minutes. I was actually aiming for 2:30 but it was very difficult. I had no training at all. My feet still loved to run. As we crossed the finish line, we took our pictures and selfies.

We got our loot bags, Finisher’s Medal and Shirt. Whenever I finished a race, it was really fulfilling.

We tried to visit all sponsor’s booths but our feet were aching already. So we decided to rest for the mean time. Afterwards, we visited again the UHG booth. They gave us post-race meal, bag of groceries, and so many more. It was really nice, UCARE team was very accommodating. I mean their project was perfect.

UNICEF’s Heroes For Children Run 2016 was one of the best events that I joined.


Photo credits: The owner, Omplongz dela Paz

*Based on the publication issued by UCARE.


EGGciting Adventure Family Fun Run 2016

November 06, 2016

I was informed by my significant other, Ricky that he took advantage of the free race kits offered by Miss Nikka of Team Guerilla Race Marshalls. Miss Nikka posted the said privilege on their Facebook team page. I am also part of that page and we used to be trained as one of the marshals of Guerilla race before. Due to time constraints we became inactive of the said group. Kits being offered is for Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run. It was scheduled initially on October 16, 2016 but because of the weather condition, it was rescheduled on November 06, 2016.

I could feel the excitement in me when Ricky got two (2) free race kits. I would be able to run.

Here came the day of the event. I was so excited due to the fact that I had no training or run for 5 weeks now. I woke up by 2:30am. We went out to the event by 3:30am. We arrived at the Seaside Mall of Asia (MOA) by 4:30am. We immediately went to the registration area to get our free kit. We finally got it after we were assisted by one of the marshals who was very accommodating.

Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run was the first-ever event in celebration of the World Egg Day. It brought to everyone by the Guerilla Race together with the Philippine Egg Board and The Good Egg Advocacy of Sarimanok.

Other activities were Eggciting mini egg hunt, Eggciting Dance Fitness, Eggciting Health Consultation, and many more. This event aimed to promote One Egg a Day Awareness most especially for families. The good thing as well, all finishers got their finishers’ medal.

Podium finishers got their awards.

At first, we were under the impression that the race would start by exactly 5:00am for 10k, followed by the other categories. For some reason, the race started by 6:00am. For me, it’s good as well because we were able to visit all sponsors’ tents to participate on some of their games. We were able to take pictures as well at the photo booth. While doing all of these stuffs, we were listening to the program too.

As we listened to the speakers of the program, according to the Philippine Egg Board Association, consumption of one egg daily helps in weight management, provides muscle strength and prevent muscle-loss, it helps the brain function better, it’s good for the eyes, and contributes to healthy pregnancy. The egg contains 6 grams of quality protein and other nutrients such as iron, Vitamin A, D, E, B12, folate, choline and lutein. It also contains the healthy fat Omega 3.

Below listed were the event categories and details:

We ran 5 kilometers (Km). It was a good event. It had so many marshals everywhere that guided us along our way. They directed us as well on where to get the eggs. There were egg hunting event. Every two eggs found, there’s a corresponding prize. I got two along the race and they gave me a mug in exchange of those 2 eggs.

Runners brought their families on the event and looked very happy and enjoy on what they were doing.

The kids were enjoying as well as they had their own program for egg hunting, games, coloring and face painting.

The organizers had their oath taking for an egg a day. Egg toss.

Team Run Direction (TRD) had their dance number.

The event had Zumba session after the race.

And finally, the most-awaited Awarding.

This event was very memorable for me because I got a podium finish. I ran 2nd place 5K for Women category. It was such a great feeling and was very thankful. According to MyRunTime page, my personal best time is 32:45. I am hoping that I could still improve my PR.

After the race, we got our loot bag. It was really overwhelming. There were so many freebies.

Big thanks again to Miss Nikka for the free racekits.

Photo credits: The Good Egg Page, Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run Page, Bicolano Runner, Omplongz dela Paz